Building success together: Strong partnership with UNIMEX in Poland

Building success together: Strong partnership with UNIMEX in Poland

In this video, we are pleased to introduce one of our long-standing partners in the precast industry - UNIMEX Paryska Sp.j in Poland. With a rich tradition of providing quality precast solutions for residential and industrial construction, UNIMEX seamlessly combines experience and tradition with state-of-the-art MAX-truder technology.

Specialising in the production and sale of precast concrete products, UNIMEX serves a wide range of sectors including urban, industrial, agricultural and energy-related construction. Their extensive product range includes standard products such as coils, paving slabs, septic tanks and water tanks, as well as customised solutions such as lift shaft elements, stairs, filigree ceilings, SPBs and more.

We at MAX-truder are proud of our long-standing partnership with UNIMEX and wish them continued success in all their business activities in the future.

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