Stationary Precast Concrete Factory

Maximum output with minimum operating costs enable short-term return on investment

Modular, scalable stationary production technology ensures optimal precast production with maximum output. Low running costs and the highest quality end products permit a short-term return on investment. Our modular system allows easy conversions, retrofits and upgrades, for example in capacity, product range, degree of automation. A highly automated precast plant starting from the concrete mixing plant to the concrete transport to the production machine avoids manual errors. Applied industrial procedures ensure highly efficient production. The enormous cement savings and minimal water consumption of our hollow core slab production modules enable further efficiency increases in two- or three-shift operation.

Typical modules of a stationary plant

1Batching PlantUniveral and powerful
2Maintenance AreaReliable, user-friendly
3Pre- and post tensioning areaSafety, precision, accuracy
4Production bedsShortest curing time, resonance free
5Transport systems for finished productsEfficient factory logistics
6Over head crane Various tasks 
7maxtruder / maxcasterStrongest hollow core slabs, wall elements and more 
8Automatic concrete supplyFast, safe
9Concrete sawExtended saw blade lifetime
10Preparation machineCleaning, oiling, wire pulling
11Stressing wire decoiling reelEfficient and reliable 
12Storage areaProject specific

Typical products for a stationary precast factory


  • Modular design: Initial investment, productivity and return on investment tailored to your needs
  • Capacity scalable, automation level and product range expandable
  • Highly reliable, wear-resistant components, reduced production costs
  • Hollow slab production without chemical concrete admixtures


  • Automation scalable to suit for increasing productivity and reducing labour costs
  • Long line bed production with shortest curing times allow daily double occupancy
  • Enhanced system configuration and process modelling, reduced changeover times


  • Efficient industrial procedures guarantee constantly high quality of the precast concrete products
  • Long bed production with highest compaction for concrete strengths up to 90 MPa and perfect stressing wire adhesion
  • Accurate concrete products, ready for painting ex works

Example of a stationary production plant in figures:

Theoretical capacity288 - 1.150 m²/day | 86.400 - 354.000 m²/year (Single shift operation)

576 - 2.300 m²/day | 172.800 - 690.000 m²/year (Double shift operation)
Production area3.500 m²
Site area7.000 m²
Number of production beds2 – 8
Max. hollow core slab thickness / length400 mm / 20 m