Prestressing of Precast Concrete Elements

Precision and Safety

Precast prestressed concrete elements are characterised by higher load-bearing capacity, larger spans, slimmer cross-sections despite less reinforcing steel. Precise prestressing ensures the special properties of the concrete component.

We design the abutments for taking up the tensioning forces during concreting to match the application.

Our solution varieties for stressing the strands or single wires:

  • maxtension Smart single-wire tensioning system
  • maxtension classic single-wire tensioning system
  • maxtension group tensioning system

maxtension smart

Safety, Precision, Accuracy

Fastest error-free prestressing/post-tensioning. Import of the stressing data including stressing graphics directly from your engineering or production management. Graphical instruction to the operator which wire to tension. Completely automatic measurement of the tensioning forces, elongations and pressures during each tensioning process. Immediate and definite evaluation. Alarm in case of faulty stressing process. Fully automatic generation and storage of manipulation-proof stressing protocols. Data transfer to quality management, PPS and ERP software.

The milestone for quality-secured pre- and post-tensioning.

  • Stressing process without prior stretching, immediate and explicit evaluation.
  • Highest precision by robust sensor technology and intelligent software
  • Error-free and non-manipulable data recording and backup
  • Data transfer from/to superordinate systems
  • Several tensioning cylinders can be connected, automatic recognition of the tensioning cylinder

57% Time Saving

99% Precision

100% Quality Assurance

300kN Stressing Force

Technical Data maxtension Smart Stressing Cylinder

TypeMax. tensioning forceStroke
SR-SPZ 6060 kN400 mm
SR-SPZ 160160 kN200 / 400 mm
SR-SPZ 300300 kN200 / 400 mm

maxtension classic

multiply tried and trusted

The classic single wire tensioning system is intended for manual stressing of all single wires to the required tensioning forces. As there is often a mixed pattern of the prestressing wires, several stressing cylinders can be connected and used at the same time.

Stressing wires are first evenly pre-tensioned. Then the operator controls the stressing forces manually by the hydraulic pressure of the pump, measures the elongations manually and records the values manually in the stressing protocol. Evaluation i.o. / n.o. of the stressing process by the operator.

Technical Data Single Wire Stressing Cylinder

TypeMax. tensioning ForceStroke
SPZ 3030 kN200 /400 mm
SPZ 6060 kN200 /400 mm
SPZ 160160 kN200 /400 mm
SPZ 300300 kN200 /400 mm

maxtension Group Tensioning System

stationary power

For group tensioning, the tensioning wires / strands are first cut to length evenly and loosely hooked into the tensioning anchors. Then the tensioning wires / strands are lightly pretensioned manually in a uniform manner. Finally, powerful hydraulic cylinders tension all wires to the desired pre-tensioning force in a single pull. Tensioning lengths and pressures are manually recorded and manually transferred to the tensioning protocol.

We design your group tensioning system individually according to the specific requirements.