the extruder for prestressed hollow core slabs

Strongest hollow core slabs and wall elements

Innovative concrete extruder technology paired with intelligent control and reliable mechanics. For the production of prestressed concrete hollow core slabs for floors and walls. The modular design of the maxtruder makes it more flexible than ever. For panel widths from 30 to 240 cm and panel thicknesses from 10 to 40 cm. The triple compaction system of our hollow core extruder achieves the highest concrete compaction on the market, resulting in the highest load-bearing capacity and the lowest overbending of the panels on the market.

Triple Compaction System

Rotating compaction screws press the concrete into the desired shape, supported by the dual vibration system which combines normal and high frequency. The particularly wear-resistant materials and the legendary reliable mechanics enable production speeds of up to 2.4 m/min depending on the product type.

Highly compacted concrete - Minimum cement consumption - Maximum productivity

4 modules to combine

< 6h Shortest Curing Time

Modular design

The maxtruder is composed of four modules: the chassis with drive unit, the power unit with the newly developed OS-X1 control system, the interchangeable compaction insert and the universal concrete silo.

Maximum flexibility - Shortest setup times - Minimum space requirement


  • Minimal cement requirement, no concrete admixtures 
  • Particularly short curing time <6 hours permits daily double lane occupation
  • Shortest set-up time - highest productivity


  • Intuitive machine operation on the large industrial touch screen
  • Quick and easy cleaning through simple module disconnection 
  • Individually adjustable force and speed of the compactor screws


  • Efficient triple compaction system for consistently highest hollow core slab quality
  • Powerful compaction with concrete strength up to 90 MPa and perfect tension wire bond
  • Perfectly accurate end products with a ready-to-paint underside

Large Product Variety

Hollow Core Floor Slabs

Thickness: 10-40 cm
Width 30-240 cm

Hollow Core Wall Panel

Thickness: 10-20cm
Width: 30-240cm