Bar Type Element Formwork

for columns, beams, trusses, piles and more

Single- or Twin type Mold

Bar type parts are used in a variety of ways in modular precast construction systems. As supports with or without bracket cantilevers, girders, purlins, beams and piles in a wide variety of cross-sections and dimensions for residential, office, commercial and industrial construction.

Pre-stressed and/or reinforced. Industrially precisely manufactured to fit, precast bar parts shorten construction times and reduce the need for personnel on the construction site.

Flexible in use

  • For reinforced and/or prestressed concrete parts
  • Cross-section up to 80/80 cm and various lengths
  • maxtension prestressing equipment as supplement for the production of prestressed bar parts
  • Hydraulic or manual opening and closing
  • Individual adjustment of the formwork, corbel box modules for brackets
  • Height-adjustable bottom


  • Side frame 
  • Centre frame 
  • Base frame 
  • Hydraulics 

Extension modules

  • Consoles 
  • Foundation footer
  • Set Tops 
  • Multi or mono frequency vibration

Technical Data

Min. cross section (standard)20 x 20 cm
Max. cross section (standard)80 x 80 cm
Total lengthvariable