MAX-truder driven pile formwork and production system

MAX-truder driven pile formwork and production system

In this video you can see the production process of driven piles with the MAX-truder driven pile formwork and production system. 

Our cutting-edge technology ensures the production of reliable and robust driven piles that guarantee the longevity and stability of structures. It offers a wide range of pile cross-sections and lengths suitable for residential, commercial and industrial projects. In addition, our system is modular, allowing you to choose the degree of automation and design of the driven piles.

Experience the benefits of using prefabricated driven piles:

  • No excavation required; piles are driven directly into the ground, saving time and money and ensuring a clean job site.
  • Fast installation; usually completed within minutes, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Compatible with various soil types, providing a firm foundation for your building almost anywhere.
  • Ready to build on immediately after installation as the concrete is cured in the factory.
  • Increased load-bearing capacity prevents settlement and ensures structural integrity.

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