In our series, we aim to showcase the various features and benefits of the machines used in the new precast concrete plant in Astana, Kazakhstan. Today, we would like to introduce you to our maxclean.

With our maxclean, you can effectively combat dust and professionally clean your production lines - the ultimate solution for your precast concrete production needs. With just one machine, you can complete all your necessary preparation work.

Thanks to the efficient cleaning of your production lines, environmentally-friendly and precisely-dosed release agents, and optimally-designed tension wires, you can easily and quickly complete even the most labor-intensive preparations with minimal effort.

Our maxclean comes equipped with three brushes that clean the web surface and rails, while the powerful suction system collects all residues from the last production run in just one step - even dust is effectively removed. In a second step, the tension wires can be pulled out, while the web surface can be evenly, sparingly, and environmentally-friendly sprayed with release agent.

Are you also interested in saving time through minimal effort and increasing the sustainability of your precast concrete production through gentle release agent use with our maxclean? Contact us today - we would be happy to advise you!

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