New project in Kazakhstan

How our customer in the housing construction sector will manage to build bright, comfortable apartments for the residents of Astana/Kazakhstan using a MAX-truder production plant — and make a positive contribution to the labor market situation in the process.

The prospects for our customer are promising: in the future, G-Park will be able to produce its own building materials and thus offer attractive housing in Astana in a much better and more affordable way. With our project to construct a factory for the production of precast concrete parts, the MAX-truder GmbH can play a decisive role in this.

For G-Park, the aim was to significantly reduce material imports in production. Background: For around 60,000 inhabitants of Astana, more than one million square meters of living space have been created by G-Park since 2014. By importing construction materials from Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Russia at a cost that had an adversely impact on the cost of the end product.

In the future, G-Park will thus save a good 70 percent in import costs. To be able to produce more cheaply, G-Park decided to change over gradually with the start of the project in 2021. In addition to the MAX-truder project, this will also be achieved by building a brick factory, which is meanwhile the largest plant in Central Asia with a production capacity of more than 120 million units per year.

The aim of the MAX-truder production and machinery plant is to produce prestressed hollow-core floor slabs with an annual production capacity of 650,000 m² and piles with an annual production of 450,000 linear meters.

The construction of both factories will also bring many new workplaces to the region — as well as affordable, bright and comfortable housing for the people of Astana.

We are looking forward to the installation work of the first delivered components. Stay tuned.
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