Why Hollowcore?

Prestressed hollowcore slabs: high-strength precast solutions

Explore the innovation behind prestressed hollowcore slabs, which are revolutionising concrete construction methods. Historically, constructing durable concrete structures has been challenging, often leading to increased costs due to the necessity for larger, heavier load-bearing elements. However, the introduction of prestressing technology has ushered in a new era of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Prestressed hollowcore slabs use advanced engineering techniques to increase strength while minimising weight - a feat previously thought unattainable. By incorporating prestressing solutions into concrete elements, these slabs achieve remarkable structural integrity without the bulk, thanks to strategically placed channels that reduce their overall mass.

The result? A hollowcore slab that is not only lighter but also stronger than its solid concrete counterpart of equivalent size. This groundbreaking innovation translates to significant savings throughout the construction process, from reduced transport and installation costs to more economical manufacturing methods.

In this article, we explore into the numerous advantages of prestressed hollowcore slabs, exploring how they optimise construction projects and offer unparalleled advantages in terms of efficiency, affordability, and performance.

Advantages of Hollowcore Slabs

Less is more

In construction, the mantra 'less is more' is true, and hollowcore slabs embody this principle. With 40-50% of the element made up of air, these panels have a reduced weight, paving the way for a lighter overall structure. This increases the efficiency of foundations, columns and beams, and promotes a more sustainable approach.

  • Lower weight
  • 40% - 50% of the element consists of air, resulting in reduced usage of concrete and steel per square meter
  • Lower demands on foundations, columns, and beams
  • Efficient span/depth ratio, leading to decreased story heights
  • Reduced waste

One size fits all

From cosy residential homes to bustling industrial complexes and sleek commercial spaces, hollowcore slabs offer a versatile solution for every building need. With customisable production, optimised transport and fast installation, these slabs fit seamlessly into any construction plan, regardless of size or purpose. 

  • Suitable for various building types: residential, industrial, commercial
  • Customisable production to meet specific needs
  • Optimised transport for efficient delivery
  • Quick installation for accelerated project schedules


Strength meets reliability with hollowcore slabs. Designed for high load capacities and built to withstand the toughest handling and loading conditions, these slabs ensure structural integrity and longevity for your building project.

  • Unmatched durability for long-lasting performance
  • High load-bearing capacity for reliable support
  • Resistance to demanding handling and loading conditions
  • Structural integrity for peace of mind
  • Durability for sustainable building performance

Safe to live in

Safety first, always. Hollowcore slabs offer unmatched fire resistance, making them a safe choice for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. In seismic areas, their robust construction provides added stability and peace of mind. Their long lasting durability ensures a safe and secure living environment for years to come.

  • Enhanced safety features for peace of mind
  • Excellent fire resistance for added safety
  • Safer in seismic areas
  • Long-lasting durability for sustained safety


Adaptability meets innovation with hollowcore slabs. Designed to accommodate new usage in both design and final product, these slabs offer endless possibilities for customisation. Whether you're creating flexible room layouts or reimagining building designs, these slabs provide the versatility you need to bring your vision to life.

  • Endless possibilities for customisation
  • Flexibility in room layouts and building designs
  • Ease of adaptation to new usage requirements
  • Simple customisation options for tailored solutions

Size matters

When it comes to spanning large distances without compromising on support, hollowcore slabs are the answer. With the ability to self-bear on a large scale and provide long spans without intermediate supports, these slabs offer unparalleled structural efficiency and design flexibility. 

  • Structural efficiency for spanning large distances
  • Design flexibility with long spans and minimal supports
  • Open, spacious interiors with minimal obstruction
  • Ideal for a wide range of building projects

Safe on site

With minimal on-site work required and no construction activities taking place on-site, these slabs minimise safety risks and improve overall site planning. With reduced site storage and fewer people on-site, your project stays safe and efficient from start to finish. 

  • Enhanced safety with a secure working platform
  • Minimised on-site work for reduced risks 
  • Streamlined construction activities for improved efficiency 
  • Optimised site planning for enhanced organisation 
  • Fewer personnel required on-site for increased safety

Ready to go

Why wait for perfection when it is already here? Hollowcore slabs come ready to use straight out of the factory, boasting a smooth surface that’s primed for paint or left natural for a touch of exposed elegance. No need for additional finishing, these slabs are prepared to elevate your project's aesthetics effortlessly.

  • Smooth surface for easy painting or exposed natural finish
  • No additional finishing required
  • Accelerated project timelines

Top cost-benefit ratio

When it comes to value for money, hollowcore slabs take the cake. Tailor-made production ensures minimal material wastage, while optimised transport and fast installation keep costs down and efficiency up. With just-in-time arrival and lean assembly, your project stays on budget and on schedule without sacrificing quality.

  • Tailor-made production for efficiency
  • Maximised value for money
  • Optimised transport for cost savings
  • Fast installation for accelerated timelines

Controlled quality

Manufactured in controlled factory environments with strict quality control procedures, these slabs guarantee reliable performance every time. With repetitive processes and rigorous quality checks, you can trust in the safety and reliability of hollowcore slabs for your project.

  • Consistent quality for reliable performance
  • Controlled manufacturing environment for precision
  • Stringent quality control procedures for assurance
  • Repetitive processes for consistency

Fast, not furious

Designed for high-speed building erection and weather independence, these slabs ensure your project stays on track regardless of external factors. With the next activity able to start right away and minimal neighbourhood disruption, hollowcore slabs offer a fast and efficient solution for modern construction needs.

  • Rapid building erection for accelerated timeline
  • Weather independence for uninterrupted progress
  • Minimal neighbourhood disruption with fast installations
  • Simultaneous activities for streamlined construction

Sounds good, feels good

With outstanding thermal properties for optimal heating and cooling, as well as excellent acoustical results thanks to superior sound absorption, these slabs ensure a comfortable and serene indoor environment.

  • Exceptional thermal properties for efficient heating and cooling
  • Superior acoustical performance for improved sound absorption
  • Comfortable indoor environment for occupants


With a reduced use of raw materials, including 45% raw material savings and 30% steel savings, these slabs minimise resource consumption without compromising structural integrity. With less waste and a lower carbon footprint per square metre, hollowcore slabs offer an environmentally friendly solution for modern construction.

  • 45% raw material saving and 30% steel saving
  • Minimised waste for a more sustainable building process
  • Lower carbon footprint per square meter
  • Ease of reuse and replacement

Plug and play

Hollowcore slabs make installation a breeze with built-in options for embedding electrical cables, plumbing, sprinkler services, heating and cooling. With minimal drilling required for openings and versatile service options available, these slabs offer a hassle-free solution for all your building needs. 

  • Hassle-free installation with built-in service options
  • Drilling in less material for openings
  • Versatile functionality for various construction needs
  • Simplified construction process for accelerated timelines

It only depends on what you make of it

Concrete is a recyclable artificial stone made from natural raw materials. Building with concrete is sustainable due to the long lifespan of concrete structures. Its thermal mass is very beneficial for energy-efficient temperature control in buildings. Concrete does not burn, making it excellent for fire protection. Reinforced concrete is extremely strong and resilient, making it perfect for earthquake-proof and storm-resistant slim structures.

Precast concrete represents cost-effective construction through the use of industrial processes. This approach significantly shortens construction time, saves a lot of materials and labor, and results in exceptionally high building quality with lower construction costs. There are almost no limits to architectural design, whether for unique or mass-produced buildings.

Machinery for prestressed hollowcore slab production

The modular design of our machinery allows for customization and flexibility in slab dimensions and configurations. Our machines are designed to produce hollowcore slabs from high-strength concrete, meeting the highest standards of quality and durability. With precise control over the production process, our machinery ensures consistent and reliable results for every project.

The panels produced using our machinery are characterized by high load performance without the need for intermediate support, making them ideal for a wide range of applications in commercial and residential construction.

Using our machinery offers numerous advantages, including streamlined production processes, reduced material and labor costs, and enhanced technical performance. With our equipment, installation time is minimized, allowing for efficient project completion and cost savings for our customers.

International Prestressed Hollowcore Association

We are pleased to bring you this article in collaboration with the generous support of the International Prestressed Hollowcore Association.

About IPHA

Founded in 1969, the International Prestressed Hollowcore Association is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the use of prestressed hollowcore in construction worldwide. Its mission is to enable its members to remain at the forefront of their industry. MAX-truder GmbH has been a proud member of IPHA for many years.